English Comes Alive!

Jim Witherspoon, Ph.D.

About the Author

Mare's milk drew Dr. Witherspoon to the teaching of English,                      contaminated mare's milk.  A colleague in China drank it, got a temperature of 104o F, and temporarily gave her class to him.  He loved both the subject and the students.  So he later took a course in teaching ESL and soon became a recruiter and leader for groups of English teachers going overseas.

He has now taught six summers in Hungary, twelve in Lithuania, and several semesters in Texas.  As the leader during most of these years, he collected and devised rousing, easily remembered activities to present both to his students and fellow teachers.  He recently placed this collection in a book,
 English Comes Alive! Dynamic, Brain-Building Ways to Teach ESL and EFL.  To sample the book, click PAPERBACK or KINDLE.  Then he wrote the companion book, ENGLISH COMES ALIVE FOR STUDENTS!

Witherspoon taught biology before English, so his earlier books, audiovisuals, and computer programs are mainly in that field.  They include The Living Laboratory (Doubleday), The Functions of Life (Addison-Wesley), Human Physiology (Harper & Row), and From Field to Lab (TAB McGraw-Hill).

Summer Camp for English

Here Witherspoon and his students relax after class.  This summer camp of 2010 near Trakai, Lithuania, offered swimming and other recreation as well as English, giving lots of informal moments to practice speaking.
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